In 2015, over 300,000 students graduated from high school in the state of Texas. Of those students, over half of these graduates are not tracked post-graduation. 65% of those students are students of color. UFCS aims to help to track our alumni as they matriculate to college (including helping those students through the summer matriculation process) and navigate through their college years. Through updated and innovative tracking systems and establishing support programs at the campus level, we hope to improve college graduation rates for all of our coalition students. 


In 2012, 4 Texas Charter Managing Organizations (CMOs) joined together under a generous grant from the Greater Texas Foundation (GTF) to begin collaborating on how best to support our alumni as they transition through college. 5 years later, UFCS has expanded to include 11 members throughout the state of Texas—8 CMOs (KIPP Houston Public Schools, Harmony Public Schools, IDEA Public Schools, KIPP Austin, KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth, KIPP San Antonio, UPLIFT Education, and YES Prep Public Schools) and 3 large ISDs (Houston ISD, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD, and Spring Branch ISD).

Through collaboration, sharing of best practices, and focus on our unified goal of persistence and college graduation for our high school alumni, we aim to change the way we support our students after they leave our school districts. Utilizing data to drive our discussions and initiatives, UFCS seeks to think innovatively about how best to support our alumni in college. We believe that this additional assistance and sharing of ideas can, and will, raise college graduation rates amongst our alumni and, in turn, positively impact our schools, communities, and our state.