Student Resources

As a coalition, our goal is to help our alumni succeed in college. Part of this is navigating the, often complex, world of offices, scholarships, and classes. These resources can help you find some of the things you may need while on campus. However, when in doubt always contact your specific offices at your university. They can offer you the best answers to your specific questions. 



Money. That is one of the things that we can't escape. If you're stressed about financial aid, saving money, or have questions about student loans or working, these resources will help to guide you in how to manage (or make) money.



Studying. Along with money academics is another essential key to the collegiate puzzle. Without essential study skills, habits, and academic help, many students will not make it across the graduation stage in 4, or even 6 years. These resources provide a guide for academic success. 



Social life is a big part of your college career. But how do you balance your newfound freedom with all of your responsibilities--work, family, school. These resources help you to learn the fine art of social balance, allowing you to enjoy your experience but not forgetting why you are there.